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news | 14.09.2023

The standard in Food Safety: X-ray Detectable Plasters

Why Are Plasters in the Food Industry Important?

Food manufacturers must comply with strict standards and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of their products. One of the potential problems that can occur is the accidental loss of plasters in the production line. These plasters can cause contaminants in the food product, leading to serious health risks for consumers, and possibly even product recalls.

Why metal detection is not always enough

Although metal detectors are effective in detecting metal objects, they have their limitations.
Some plasters are not made of metallic materials that can be detected by standard metal detectors. This is especially true of plasters with non-magnetic components, such as aluminum, which are often used in medical plasters. This is where X-ray detection comes in.

Legal regulations

In the food industry, regulatory compliance is essential. Legislation, such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the United States, require food producers to take measures to prevent contaminants.The use of X-ray detectable plasters aligns perfectly with these requirements and demonstrates manufacturers' commitment to food safety.

The need for X-ray detectable plasters

To address this issue, X-ray detectable plasters are becoming more prevalent in the food industry. These plasters are designed to detect not only metal, but also X-rays. This allows them to be easily detected and removed during quality control, even before the final product reaches the consumer.

Detectaplast X-ray detectable plasters: a reliable solution

Detectaplast, a leading name in medical materials for the food industry, offers a wide range of X-ray detectable plasters. These plasters contain a special barium sulfate strip that traps X-rays, allowing them to be detected quickly and efficiently. The aluminum film between the plaster and the wound pad provides metal detection.

The food industry is all about safety and quality.
The use of X-ray detectable plasters is a smart move for food producers who want to emphasize their commitment to food safety and comply with strict regulations.Detectaplast offers reliable solutions to make this happen. As a wholesaler of medical supplies to food companies, it is critical to be aware of these innovations and recommend them to your customers to make their food production process even safer. Together, we can take food safety to the next level and protect consumers worldwide from potential hazards.