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news | 16.01.2024

Attention! New IFS/BRC Guideline

Waterproof Plasters Essential

The latest IFS/BRC guideline - article 3.2.6 - mandates that wound plasters must be waterproof to minimize the risk of product contamination. As a food processing company, it is crucial to ensure that your plasters meet these new standards.

Why Choose Detectaplast Plasters?

  • Water and Dirt Repellent: Our PE and PU plasters are specifically designed to be water and dirt repellent, reducing the risk of product contamination.
  • Detectability: Detectaplast plasters are visually and metal-detectable to ensure quick and effective detection in case of loss.
  • Elastic and Comfortable: Our plasters not only offer the necessary protection but are also elastic and comfortable, making them ideal for prolonged use.
At Detectaplast, we understand the need to comply with the evolving requirements in the food industry. Our range of PE (polyethylene) and PU (polyurethane) plasters complies with the new waterproofing requirements. Our plasters not only provide the required protection but also offer durability and flexibility. Wouter Jacobs , CEO Detectaplast

Alternatives to Fabric Plasters:

PU Version, Rubber Finger Cots, and Disposable Gloves

For companies currently relying on blue, metal-detectable, or X-ray detectable fabric plasters, we recommend switching to our PU plasters. These not only provide waterproofing but also excellent adhesion.

As additional protection, you may consider using rubber finger cots or disposable gloves.

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As a reliable partner, we guarantee the highest standards for food safety. 

Feel free to contact us for more information about our range of waterproof plasters and other products that can help your company meet the increasingly stringent food safety requirements.