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rubber bobbie op hand 1600x1200
rubber bobbie 1600x1200
DET 1600x1200 20040 R
DET 1600x1200 20040
DET 1600x1200 30040 L
Rubber finger bobs

Rubber finger bobs

Dirt repellent

Product information

Finger bobs in rubber, ideal in moist environments. Quickly visually detectable thanks to the blue colour.
HACCP-approved and suitable for professional use in the food industry, the catering industry and industrial kitchens.


  • Resistant to acids, oils and greases
  • Contains no latex or silicone
  • Preserves very good finger feel
  • Adjusts perfectly to the finger
  • Very light and very flexible
  • Lightly pre-powdered
  • Universal size

Product overview