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DET 1600x1200 9300
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Hydrogel plasters

Large hydrogel plasters


Product information

Detectable blue hydrogel plasters for professional users in the food industry, catering industry and industrial kitchens. These plasters are waterproof and elastic and meet the applicable HACCP standards.

The Detectaplast® Hydrogel plaster is suitable for cuts and abrasions. The hydrogel contains 60% water, absorbs wound fluid and has a mild cooling effect which relieves pain. The combination of hydrogel, wound fluid and a lack of oxygen creates a moist wound environment which accelerates regeneration of the skin in the wound (angiogenesis).


  • plaster for cuts and abrasions as well as for chronic wounds that do not heal well
  • suitable for the treatment of overheated skin
  • slight cooling effect relieves pain
  • creates a moist environment for quicker healing
  • the PU film allows the wound to breathe and protects against bacteria, viruses and water
  • allows free passage of gases and moisture vapour, protecting skin against maceration
  • strong hypo-allergenic adhesive
  • does not stick to the wound
  • detectable visually and magnetically (meets HACCP, BRC and IFS standards)
  • specially made for the food industry and the catering industry
  • latex free
  • should not be used on infected wounds or on third-degree burns

Product variant

67 x 110 mm - 10 pcs