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news | 18.09.2023

Innovative and efficient: cohesive bandages and self-adhesive foam dressings for the food industry!

In the beating heart of the food industry, where precision and hygiene are at the top of the list, innovation that pushes the standards is highly valued.

As a trusted partner of the food industry, we put the spotlight on the efficiency and versatility of our self-adhesive dressings and foam products, which are revolutionizing wound care within this industry.

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Efficiency Defined: self-adhesive bandages from Detectaplast

It's no secret that time is precious in the food industry. This is where Detectaplast's self-adhesive bandages come in. These innovative products have transformed wound care procedures with their unmatched self-adhesive properties.

Applying bandages has never been quicker or easier, representing a welcome efficiency gain in this demanding environment.


Maximum Efficiency, No Compromise:

Our self-adhesive bandages have features that distinguish them as indispensable in the food industry:

Unmatched Self-Adhesion: These bandages stay firmly and reliably in place without the need for external clips or tape. This significantly speeds up the dressing process, which is crucial in an industry where every second counts.

Leading in Hygiene: The striking blue color of our bandage is not an aesthetic choice. It serves to quickly identify loose bandages and prevent them from contaminating food. This is non-negotiable in an environment where food safety is at stake.

Soft and Hypoallergenic Material: The bandage is made of hypoallergenic, soft and elastic material. This ensures comfort and minimizes the risk of skin irritation, even with prolonged use.

Freedom of Movement: These bandages not only offer unparalleled adhesion but are also highly flexible, making them ideal for use on moving body parts without the risk of shifting.

Comfort and Versatility: Foam Bandages

Detectaplast's foam bandages not only provide comfort, but are also extremely versatile. Made of soft, absorbent foam rubber, they minimize discomfort for the wearer and speed up the healing process. Foam dressings are extremely flexible and maneuverable, making them suitable for different types of wounds, regardless of size. This makes it an essential tool for wound care professionals in the food industry, where treating various wound types is daily business.

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Foam Bandages - Comfort, Protection and More

Detectaplast's foam dressings are a crucial addition to the food industry's toolbox

Ultimate Comfort and Protection: Made of soft, absorbent foam, the foam dressing acts as a comfortable barrier that reduces discomfort and protects the wound from contaminants.

Unmatched Moisture Absorption: The foam possesses excellent absorbent properties. It can quickly absorb excess moisture and wound exudate, creating an ideal moist environment for wound healing.

Made of Medical Foam: The foam dressing is typically made of medical foam, polyurethane foam or silicone foam. These materials are safe, kind to the skin and conducive to accelerated healing.

Multiform and Adaptable: Detectaplast offers foam bandages in different sizes. Because the foam bandages are on rolls, they can be torn or cut to the right size. This makes the foam dressings particularly suitable for a variety of wounds.

Detectaplast's self-adhesive bandages and foam products represent the future of wound care in the food industry. These products offer a combination of unmatched performance, hygiene and convenience. They not only conform to the highest industry standards, but also take safety and efficiency to new heights. For food industry wholesalers who want only the best for their customers, Detectaplast's products are the absolute choice. Meet the future of wound care and protection in the food industry with Detectaplast