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news | 30.04.2021

Detectaplast plasters, the blue you can rely on

Detectaplast, your standard for plasters

Every company, no matter how big or small, should have a proper first aid kit. Anyone who works in the CATERING INDUSTRY or the food industry knows better than anyone that a cut, abrasion or burn can interfere with work. Unless you rely on Detectaplast plasters.

Detecta EHBO ventje

A sign on the wall

We provide first aid kits with a wall bracket as standard. No first aid kit should be stored away, because every second counts when you need it. Detectaplast Medic Boxes are a serious upgrade when you move up from a standard first aid kit.

Equipped with material to administer a wide range of first aid: a rescue blanket, a mouth-to-mouth mask, flamma cream, etc.

Place our Medic Boxes in view, at eye level and in locations where they are easily accessible

Depending on the size of your company, you will need several Medic Boxes.

Every unit within your company, every separate room, floor or department needs its own Medic Box.

If you have a company with a workshop, a warehouse, a refectory and office space, your business has four units and you therefore need four Medic Boxes. We fill the box for each unit very specifically.

We comply with the most stringent rules

The FASFC, the HACCP standards, BRC or IFS... no regulation is too strict for us to provide you with the plasters that really meet your needs and comply with the requirements and the legislation. We serve an international customer base with plasters that are suitable for various types of wounds.

We set our standards very high
so that you automatically reach for Detectaplast when there is an accident.

We have a range of well-stocked Medic Boxes specifically formulated for your sector. This makes it very convenient for you as an employer to comply with the legislation. The Medic Boxes ensure that your employees can be healthy and safe at work and, above all, can continue to work if something happens.

A safe and healthy climate within your company is what you as an employer must provide and continue to strive for.

The general regulations on employment conditions are very clear in this regard.

Detectaplast increases safety in food handling and production processes

The blue colour of the plasters is immediately noticeable. It ensures that they do not end up in a preparation or product unnoticed. You know well enough that something like that costs money and your reputation.

The aluminium strip gives you the assurance that a metal detector will always pick up the plaster during the production process. A second assurance.

The X-ray thread in part of our range makes the plasters detectable when a metal detector cannot be used. When your product is packaged in aluminium, for example.

Three excellent reasons for choosing Detectaplast.

And then there are the hypo-allergenic adhesive and the wound pad that does not stick to the wound

Our plasters in your Medic Box, the blue you can rely on.

There is a plaster for every specific injury: your finger, fingertip, knuckles.

You can cut the plasters on a roll to the size you need.

No Detectaplast on your wound? Pity.

detecta aanbod wide