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Safety and hygiene are paramount in the food industry. To guarantee the safety of our food chains, the food industry is subject to all kinds of European directives. For example, all First Aid materials have to meet the HACCP standard.

HACCP, the acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a risk assessment system for food safety. This entails an analysis of hazards and critical control points.

Under this directive, undertakings engaged in the preparation, processing, packaging, distribution and the transport of foodstuffs must identify and analyse for risk all aspects of the production process. The control process, promulgated by the European Union, must ensure that the production of all foodstuffs produces as little risk of contamination as possible. In concrete terms this means that not only do undertakings in the food industry have to comply with this, but likewise catering undertakings, industrial kitchens, bakers, butchers, sandwich shops etc.

HACCP has its origin in US space exploration. Because it is not possible during a space mission to return spoiled foods to the factory and have them replaced by better products, and because food poisoning can cause an expensive mission to fail, this risk is unacceptable.

HACCP is not manual of requirements but rather a system based on 7 principles. Companies must apply this system to their own situation. Each undertaking states where and at what phase of the production and/or distribution processes there could be hazards to the health of consumers. It also sets out the measures that are to be taken to prevent threats to consumer health, the controls to be carried out, and the results of these.

In short: HACCP is a preventive system that the companies must themselves implement. The safety of the product is increased by detecting risks to health in the preparation and handling processes and then rendering them manageable.

Detectaplast ® has special first aid materials that meet these European HACCP standards. Our detectable plasters are fitted with a metallic strip under the wound pad that makes them detectable by metal or X-ray detectors in the production line. They are blue to make them conspicuous. There is little food that is blue by nature. Our plasters are therefore highly suited for use in a production environment, catering, and industrial kitchens.

In addition to its detectable plasters, the Detectaplast ® line also includes blue dressings, burn products and dressings kits.

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