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About us

Detectaplast ® was founded in 2002 to meet the growing demand for detectable first aid products for the food and catering industry and industrial kitchens. Because of globalisation, food safety has become a priority everywhere..

Starting from years of experience in the industry and close contacts with our distributors we have succeeded in mapping out the consumer's needs. This has enabled us to offer the most complete line of sticking detectable plasters and dressings, worldwide. This is how Detectaplast ® has grown to become a true authority on plasters. Is it a cut, an abrasion, a burn? Is it on the finger, fingertip, knuckle, in the palm, on the arm, or in a place that is hard to reach? We have a specific plaster for each application and every place. All our products comply with current quality systems such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, etc.

Detectaplast ® supplies wholesalers throughout the world who distribute our detectable products to the food and catering industry, industrial kitchens, bakers, butchers, sandwich shops, etc. We support them as much as possible with information about our products, as well as about legislation and the market. We also provide supporting marketing materials to promote our products. Starting from certain volumes it is possible for you to have your own brand.

In addition to our range of detectable wound care products we also offer hygiene products and various first aid materials such as stretchers, plasters, burn wound treatment, disinfectants, first aid kits, etc.

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“Our priorities are quality and service.
That means that we seek always not only to offer the best products, but also to do so quickly and efficiently.
In addition to the quality of our offering, the quality of our organisation is very important.
We are structured to be as efficient as possible.
We deliver from stock 98% of the time. For you this means that your order leaves our warehouse within 36 hours.Wouter Jacobs, managing director.

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